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The Most Beautiful Small Houses on Instagram

These small homes we found on Instagram will definitely inspire you to live big in a tiny home.

1. @tinyhousebasics

This Instagram page focuses on going back to the basics and paying attention to the needs and intention and not the wants. Shelley and Joshua’s tiny home is something you would definitely love.

2. @moderntinyliving

Living in a tiny home doesn’t always mean living a country-like life unless that’s what you want. This tiny house on Instagram showcases a stylish and contemporary home that you definitely can take inspiration on.

3. @adventure_abode

This Instagram page boasts living a lifestyle with the utmost opportunity and flexibility to explore and live life to the fullest. It shows us that a home is a place for adventures and you don’t need a massive space to have a beautiful home.

4. @tinymissdollyonwheels

Dolly is the proud owner of a beautiful tiny house in Australia. She created a place for her own with loads of plants and neat minimalist design.

5. @tinyhousemovement

After looking at this Instagram page, you will definitely want to have your own tiny home. The owners have curated the different tiny homes community and they also have their own blog website.


These tiny houses prove that some of the best homes are ones that have the least space.

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