Home Repair

Home Repair

Step-by-Step Guide for Laying a Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Tools and Materials to Use:

Putty knife
Manual screwdriver
Oscillating multi-tool
Drill and driver items
Tape measure
Utility knife
Vinyl sheet flooring
Level compound and pre-mixed flooring patch
Double-sided tape for flooring

Step 1: Remove obstructions
Start by removing moldings and baseboards and any other obstruction in the flooring area.
Step 2: Ready the subfloor
The subfloor should be free from seams, gouges, or gaps that could potentially get into the soft vinyl’s surface.
Step 3…

Home Repair

Different Ways of Attaching Things to a Cinder Block Wall

Looking for the best way to hang your stuff in your cinder block wall? Here are some hanging tools you can use to do it.
Hard wall Hangers
When using hard wall hangers, keep in mind that they have weight limits of around 6 pounds to 25 pounds. They are ideal for hanging mirrors, framed pictures, coats, and umbrellas. Moreover, hard wall hangers are also semi-permanent, thus, you will need to replace them later on.
Self-Adhesive Hooks
Self-adhesive hooks come with foam backs with a protective coating. When you remove the protective coating, the foam backs of these hooks are sticky enough and can adhere …

Home Repair

Ways to Remove PVC Glue

Tools to Use:

Heat gun
Tongue-and-groove pliers
Hacksaw or PVC pipe cutter

Before you can remove the glue from the PVC pipe, you will have to separate the two pipes first. You can follow one of these methods:
Cut the PVC pipe.
Using your PVC pipe cutter or hacksaw, cut the pipe up to the section where you would like the pipes to separate.
Twist the pipe.
Twist the PVC pipes into opposite directions to provide sufficient torque and separate them from each other. For this process, you will need to use your tongue-and-groove pliers …

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