Everything You Need to Know About Mediterranean Architecture

Here are the basic elements you will find among traditional Mediterranean homes.

Massive, Symmetrical Facades

The majority of Mediterranean homes feature massive, symmetrical exteriors. Their front doors are typically positioned at the center of the house at the center and are belted by gated windows made with wrought iron.

Roof Tiles Made from Red Clay

Like Mexican and Spanish homes, Mediterranean homes also feature roof tiles made with red clay.

Stucco Walls

Stucco walls are prevalent in most areas with a warmer climate. These walls help preserve the cool air inside the house and when the temperature starts to go down at night time, these walls slowly release the warmth that was absorbed during the day.

Ornate Archways

Ornate archways are mostly built around doors and windows in Mediterranean homes for decorative and structural purposes. Most of the time, these archways are decorated with mosaic glass or hand-made tiles.

Wrought Iron

In most Mediterranean homes, you can find a number of outdoor elements such as window grilles, balconies, and decorations. Wrought iron is known for adding detail and warmth to outdoor spaces.

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