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How to Pour Your Very Own Concrete Vanity Countertop

A vanity top truly makes a difference in the overall aesthetic features of your bathroom. You can make your own stunning vanity countertop at home by following these simple steps:

Form an Upside-Down Concrete Shape

In order to create a smooth concrete countertop, you can follow the technique of shaping the concrete into an upside-down form. The form’s flat bottom, beveled edges, and sides are then transferred to the vanity top.

Strengthen the Concrete

Although concrete has great compressive strength, it has weak tensile strength. To strengthen the concrete yourself, you can purchase a couple of rebar mesh in small sections that are available in most home centers. The rebar mesh can be easily cut through using a hacksaw.

Vibrate the Mixture of Concrete

Vibrating the concrete mixture removes the trapped air, thus, resulting in a denser and stronger countertop. You can do this by tapping your form with a hammer or a mallet. You can also use an electric concrete vibrator which you can rent from a rental yard.


When pouring your own concrete vanity countertop, make sure to use safety tools. Moreover, given that concrete is heavy, you would need a helping hand from your partner or friend to do this project.

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