Year: 2021

Decorating & Interior Design

The Top Trends We Found in The New IKEA Catalogue

Are you planning to shop for new pieces for your home? If that’s the case, we think you would love to browse through the new IKEA catalog. Below is a list of the best trends we found in this year’s IKEA catalog issue.
Staying Home and More Family Times
The catalog has put great emphasis on the importance of staying home during the current times. Their old and new pieces offer great ways to spend more time with your loved ones at home.
New Ways to Organize
The catalog tells us about the newest trends on how to organize your indoor space. It gives loads of tips and ideas on how to keep your home …

Decorating & Interior Design

How to Design Your Home As A Pisces

If you are a Pisces, then here are a couple of home interior design tips for you.
Incorporate A Few Calming Colors
As a Pisces, you can feel a number of overwhelming feelings at one. Thus, make your home your safe haven by incorporating a few calming colors such as light blue shades, white, and lavender.
Have Your Very Own Space
People under the star of Pisces have a tendency of opening themselves to everyone. For this reason, you should have your own space at home where you can just relax and look after yourself.
Choose Natural Fabrics
Natural fabrics are known for making one feel calm and …

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